Providing practical, actionable education companies need to achieve Operational Excellence in all areas of their business.
Advanced OpEx Training for Manufacturing
Learn to create flow that achieves OpEx in operations with highly-engineered products, uncertain demand, and shared resources with our expert-led, hands-on training events.
OpEx Workshop for Office & Business Processes
Delve into techniques for creating lean value streams in business processes so your office runs seamlessly at our one-day workshops.
what others are saying

What Others are Saying 

  • client quote

    "The value stream training presented by the Institute for Operational Excellence was eye-opening and gave me direction for my production floor and front office. I left the four-day session with purpose and had the tools needed to transform our operations."

    Franklin Wheelock,
    Production Team Leader,
    Stryker Mako

  • "The concepts taught at this event were outstanding and will greatly help us create flow in our complex manufacturing operations. The instructor was a genuine expert in his field and taught advanced lean concepts in a very practical way."

    Carlos Suarez,
    Operational Excellence Coordinator,
    Chromalloy Castings

  • "The advanced value stream design techniques taught by the Institute for Operational Excellence are without peer. We continue to send our people to IOE events to learn concepts essential to creating flow in manufacturing environments with high complexity and a combination of shared and dedicated resources."

    Gerry McCool,
    Sr. Director, Lean Six Sigma,
    Jabil Circuit, Inc.

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