Operational Excellence in Your Office

A one-day workshop for professionals who want to create a seamless flow of work– eliminating status meetings, “reply all” email chains, work interruptions, and clarifying calls

2020 Workshop Canceled
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Operational Excellence in Your Office is a one-day workshop that teaches the proven approach to streamline any business process and create autonomous flow – essential to driving measurable results. Attendees learn practical skills that:

  • eliminate interruptions that prevent work from being completed
  • enable quicker responses to customer requests
  • reduce time spent in meetings
  • end "status update" emails
  • seamlessly connect global offices and telecommuters

The result? Less interruptions, emails, meetings and other barriers that hinder high-performing employees from getting their work done on time.

This in-depth training is based on the book with the same name and is led by Tim Healey, the co-author and experienced OpEx advisor. In an academic environment, attendees learn from hands-on exercises, case studies, and instructor's real-world examples. Participants leave prepared with the knowledge of how to apply the nine guidelines for office flow and a checklist for implementation at their own firm. Our approach to operational transformation uses tested, proven principles developed by our expert instructors. Participants will learn innovative concepts including how to:

  • Develop accurate service families
  • Calculate takt capability
  • Eliminate shuffling and reprioritization of work
  • Create a guaranteed turnaround time for customer requests
  • Develop and utilize workflow cycles


This workshop is ideal for anyone seeking to improve operations in office environments in any industry, including:

Sales & Marketing

The principles learned will help you streamline communication with agencies, legal, upper management and other stakeholders for faster deployment of new initiatives that drive leads – and business growth.

Finance & Accounting

From auditing to account receivables OpEx can help global teams meet critical deadlines without chasing information, meetings, and endless email chains, ensuring continued compliance.

Human Resources

In today’s job market, companies need to act quickly to secure top talent and be equally responsive with business units and employees to drive retention. This training will show how to create a guaranteed response time for all HR processes.


Engineering departments constantly face complex design challenges, unpredictable change requests, and production issues. With this workshop, participants will learn to create a smooth flow even in the most complex environments.

Our Promise

You’ll walk away with a design process that can be applied to your own unique office environment, as well as proven methodologies to ditch the “tried it, doesn’t work” mentality and gain cultural momentum to make sure your improvement efforts stick.

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OpEx in Your Office 2020 Event Agenda

By designing your office to function seamlessly, you’ll gain a strategic advantage in capturing new business and increasing market share faster than your competitors. Stop the chaos in the office and see why you need to attend the industry’s premiere workshop for business processes.

what others say 


I really enjoyed the one-day OpEx in Your Office workshop. The in-class hands-on exercises were very helpful in learning to apply the complex concepts, even for those seasoned at value stream mapping. The instructor was knowledgeable and engaging while teaching the concepts and sharing examples to help clarify specific topics. The managers I recruited to attend from our site all have improvement projects that this training will benefit.

Russell Scott

Jacobs CI Manager and Lean Six Sigma MBB at Kennedy Space Center

This workshop on OpEx in the office was extremely beneficial and will certainly help my improvement efforts in business processes. The instructor was well-versed in the subject matter, the content was well-organized, and the group exercises were very valuable. And with solid examples from the real world, it was easy to understand how to apply the knowledge in my organization.

Kathy Rayborn

Assistant Vice President Enterprise Services, GM Financial

We had seven people from our continuous improvement team attend this training and the feedback was universally excellent! Our team is made up of experienced lean practitioners so the expectations for this workshop were very high. Tim absolutely met them. We were particularly interested in the techniques we learned to apply OpEx design principles to a service setting. As a result of our great experience, the rest of our team is taking the online course based on the workshop.

Chris O'Connor

Head of Continuous Improvement, MassMutual

OpEx will take our company to the next level and give us the guidance we need to provide our clients world-class service from a high-performance organization. The timeliness, exceptional content, and delivery of the workshop was absolutely what I needed stepping into my new role. Thank you for putting on this workshop!.

Dave Plekkenpol

Director of Internal Operations, KR Wolfe, Inc.



We already utilize continuous improvement. Will this training benefit us?

Absolutely! Most attendees participate in an improvement program at their company. What you learn in this workshop can enhance your current CI program by providing you proven principles for your approach and enabling you to speak directly to the people doing the work, making it relevant to them.

In addition, numerous industry surveys cite education as a critical investment to achieve OpEx and transform any business. Training on the proper process for future state value stream design can help companies break through the improvement plateau and realize rapid results.

Why train with the Institute for Operational Excellence?

While other companies offer lean training, our options are for organizations who want to go a step further. That’s why we don’t teach how to facilitate brainstorming. Instead, we provide actionable, field-tested processes to achieve Operational Excellence featured in award-winning and bestselling books.

Join your peers from around the world at this event and experience why it’s different here, and why so many businesses continue to send employees to our classes for company-wide alignment and transformation.

I've heard of OpEx in manufacturing. Does it apply to the office as well?

Unlike manufacturing, where inventory moves through the factory, it’s hard to see information moving through the office. But it does and the principles of Operational Excellence still apply to create autonomous flow. The only difference is that there is a unique set of design guidelines specific to administrative processes.

When flow is designed using the principles and guidelines of OpEx, information moves from activity to activity along fixed pathways at preset, predefined times. That way, everyone knows what to work on next from the designed flow, and not from managers setting priorities and making decisions. The result is a high-performance office designed to increase market share, immediately and well into the future.

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All of our courses are led by the industry’s most experienced faculty, who are regularly published and invited to speak at top conferences globally. You’ll have direct access to these seasoned instructors with decades of experience, and hear firsthand how they’ve helped organizations successfully implement the concepts taught – even in some of the most difficult operations.

Tim Healey, OpEx Trainer

Tim Healey

Lead Trainer, OpEx Advisor & Author

Institute for Operational Excellence Faculty Member Tim Healey specializes in teaching the principles of Operational Excellence in the business process sector in areas such as product development, finance, HR, engineering, and marketing. He is the co-author of the book Operational Excellence in Your Office: A Guide to Achieving Autonomous Value Stream Flow with Lean Techniques, has been published in Quality Digest, iSixSigma, and Lean Management Journal and is a frequent speaker on lean office topics at conferences such as the IIE Annual Conference and Mid-Atlantic Lean Conference. Tim has worked globally with organizations such as Parker Hannifin, United Technologies Corporation, Bayer Healthcare, and Curtiss Wright. Prior to joining the Institute for OpEx, Tim served as national business manager for H.J. Heinz in Sydney and as a brand manager for British American Tobacco.

OpEx Books

This workshop is based on two books by Kevin Duggan & Tim Healey

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Operational Excellence in Your Office Training

Operational Excellence in Your Office
Due to COVID-19, the 2020 workshop has been canceled.
New 2021 workshop date coming soon!


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Operational Excellence in Your Office Training

Operational Excellence in Your Office 
Due to COVID-19, the 2020 workshop has been canceled.
New 2021 workshop date coming soon!

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